Tourist places near by Agriturismo il borgo

Vacanze a Cortona
Distance - 3kms
Etruscan city of Cortona

Ancient charm that has remain unchanged over the centuries. 

From its top it is possible to observe the vastness of Val di Chiana until reaching Montepulciano and Trasimeno lake with a glance. 

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Lago Trasimeno
Distance - 15kms
Trasimeno Lake

The biggest lake in center Italy, full of attractions and things to do.

You can go kite surfing, horse riding, visiting the little islands by bot or by SUP, or you can just go and enjoy an ice-cream on the shores of the lake.

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Perugia
Distance - 30kms

Full of art, music, culture and young people. A fashinating city to live by day and night.

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Arezzo
Distance - 30kms

One of the oldest cities in Tuscany, just around the corner! You can take the train from the station far 500m from Il Borgo and in less than 30 minutes you will be in Arezzo!

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Le celle
Distance - 4kms
Eremo "Le Celle"

Founded by Francesco D'Assisi in 1211A.D, this magical place surrounded by nature is always open to those who want to breathe the spiritual peace of 800 years ago.

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - La Val D'Orcia
Distance - 40kms
Val D'orcia

The uncontaminated nature of the Val d'Orcia was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2004.

Lose yourself among cypress avenues, medieval castles and ancient villages, then find yourself in front of a glass of one of the best Italian wines: Brunello of Montalcino

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Firenze
Distance - 100kms

The home of illustrious people like Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Florence cannot be exlpained, it has just to be visit.

You can take the train from the station far 500m from Il Borgo and in 1.30h you will be in the middle of Florence!

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Assisi
Distance - 100kms

Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis, is a destination for pilgrimages from all over the world. 

The basilica built in 1300 AD. in his honor is a must visit

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Valdichiana outlet
Distance - 19kms
Valdichiana outlet Village

More than 130 stores of major fashion brands and prestigious brands, which offer discounts of 30% to 70% all year round.

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Siena
Distance - 60kms

One of the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy.

The heart of the city is the famous Piazza del Campo, with its particular shell shape, where the famous Palio is held, one of the most important events for all Sienese. The Palio di Siena is a passionate horse race that takes place every year, in July and August and its origins seem to date back to the 7th century.

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Roma
Distance - 200kms

The Eternal City has the inimitable charm of a place where the ancient and the modern meet at every street corner. Probably the most impressive city of Italy.

You can take the train from the station far 500m from Il Borgo and in 2hrs you will be in Rome!

Cosa vedere vicino Cortona - Cascata delle Marmore
Distance - 200kms
"LE MARMORE" Waterfall

"Le Marmore" is one of the highest waterfall in europe with its 165m high, divided into 3 jumps, of which the highest is 85m. 

If you are looking for some adrenaline, you can go rafting in the river!